How to uploading your product-Retail Version

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How to Uploading Your Products - Retail Version

1. Go to your Seller's Account

2. Click ► Product Button on your account

3. Click ► Add New Product Button

4. General Information ► Product Name and Description for customer

5. General Information ► Make a product Price ► (**1 piece price not a your pack price

6. General Information ► How many products at your store (**Your product Inventory)

7. Marketplace ► Selected all categories which product related category ► *New Arrival(Required)

8. My Categories  ► Seleted your product page category (Watch "How to make your own Category-Coming Soon")

9. Additional Data ► Your Model Number(Product Number), Vendor (Your Company Name), Tax Class, ** Sustract Stock (**When Customer buy your product, Database will be sustract(-1) from your product Quantityand Out of Stock Status.

10. Options (View Option Tutorial)

• Buying Option and Return Option are standard option -*Return Option is Required Option

• Buying Option  Retail Version does not need Buy Option

• Buying a single  Add price(+) epanding how much you selling for sigle product 

• You have to check every Required check box

11. Shipping ► Set up this section, If this product shipping rate different then genenral shipping rate or you can make free shipping for only this product

12. Images ► Uploading your product Pictures ► Image limits MIN. (1) to MAX. (12)